Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Big Mistake in eLearning?

Thanks to Padraig McDonagh for suggesting this video:

Some talking points:

- eLearning spans both training and teaching, and sometimes all the customer wants is information-level training, they need to figure this out with the instructional designers' help.

- oftentimes Instructional Designers are told that something has to be done yesterday, so they fall back on the old favorites

- eLearning development can be any two of the following three criteria, but never the third: GOOD, CHEAP and QUICK. So if you want it GOOD and CHEAP it won't be QUICK. So if you want it GOOD and QUICK it won't be CHEAP. So if you want it CHEAP and QUICK it won't be GOOD

- We need to champion examples of excellent eLearning,and make all managers aware of how excellent eLearning looks so that crappy (manual on a CD) eLearning is no longer acceptable

- This is a knowledge management problem,instead of _asking_ the organisation what they want, we  have_elicit_ their requirements from them using things like repertory grids and triadic elicitation to fully understand their need, and built what they need as opposed to what they want.

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