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EdTech2014 Conference

Eurovision 2020: Technology Enhanced Learning for a New Horizon

The Irish Learning Technology Association (ILTA) is delighted to present our fifteenth user conference EdTech2014 which will be hosted by University College Dublin, Ireland on May 29-30, 2014.

Conference Theme - Eurovision 2020: Technology Enhanced Learning for a New Horizon
Irish higher education is undergoing fundamental structural reform at a national level, while engaging in an increasingly globalised market place.  As we move towards 2020 student participation, retention and resourcing challenges sit alongside policy and practice tensions. However, the core issue of quality in higher education remains of paramount importance for all educational stakeholders. 

The EdTech2014 conference theme aligns with the forthcoming EU strategic report ‘New Methods of Delivering Quality in Higher Education’. The report will:
1.      Provide recommendations to Member States with respect to the effective use of technology-enhanced learning tools, methods and practices to support the quality agenda and;
2.      Address associated infrastructure, funding, policy, IPR, staff development and accreditation issues to support the adoption of these practices.
The report will be published in June 2014 by the EU High Level Group for the Modernisation of Higher Education which is chaired by former President Mary McAleese.
ILTA welcomes the continued support from the EU DG Education and Culture for presenting this theme, which builds upon the EdTech2013 EU conference theme Opening Up Education.
Conference Participation
We invite Irish and international participants to enthusiastically engage with the conference theme from pedagogical, research, innovation, policy and organisational perspectives. The aims of the conference are (1): to pro-actively contribute to this agenda-setting debate; and (2) provide a tangible evidence-base to inform our own policy and practice through information and practice exchange.
We promise delegates a welcoming and dynamic gathering point as we consider the opportunities and challenges afforded by this theme.   You can expect plenty of networking opportunities to swap stories, develop strategies, make new friends and reflect on an eventful academic year at Ireland’s longest running technology-enhanced learning user conference, EdTech2014.  
Some issues to consider may include:
·         Digital Literacies for All Stakeholders – students, staff, institutions and governments
·         MOOCs, SOOCs and SPOCs – how to, why to, or not to
·         Show me the Evidence-Base – informing policy and practice
·         Learning Technologies – Disruptive or Reductive?
·         eAssessment – the REAL student and staff focus
·         Digital Badges – new currency or non-runner?
·         mLearning / Social Networking – flexible learning for lifelong learners
·         Learning Analytics – rationale, process and application
·         Flipped/BYOD Learning – innovative use of scarce resources or DIY learning?
·         Digital Identity –  data, presence, ownership, safeguards
·         Engaging with EU programmes – who, what, when, how?
Modernisation of Higher Education – Fact Sheet
An EU Perspective
·         Horizon2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (€80bn)
·         Erasmus+ 2014-2020 programme to support student mobility (€14.7bn)
·         Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020 (€40bn for education and training)
·         Modernisation of Higher Education: 2013 Quality in Teaching and Learning Report
An Irish Perspective
·         Greater current higher education participation rate (30-34 yrs 51.1%) greater than EU2020 target (40%) (Eurostat, 2012)
·         MOOCS in Ireland e.g. IT Sligo, DIT, Hibernia College
·         Ireland projected higher education population to increase from 174000 (2013) to 192000 (2020) (HEA, 2012)
·         Part-time student access to undergraduate programme participation will continue to increase in line with current trends (i.e. from 7% in 2008 to 17% in 2013) (HEA, 2012)
EdTech2014 Further Information
·         Call for papers:                       January 2013
·         Conference Date:                    29th and 30th May, 2014
·         Conference Location:             University College Dublin, Ireland
·         Conference website      
·         LinkedIn                                   ILTA Group
·         Email                             
·         Twitter                                    #edtech14; #iltatweets

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