Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gamification Examples

CourseHero: Improving the Teacher-Student Interactions Online


Course Hero is an online learning platform for students and a portal for educators to distribute their educational resources. The site collects and organizes study materials that have been uploaded by educators and student users to form a vast learning repository. The Education Gamification platform provides materials such as syllabi, problem sets, and practice exams are combined with class notes, flash cards, and study guides that have been uploaded. In addition, Course Hero offers access to tutors, digital flashcards, and video lectures. 

GoalBook: Brings student teams together around their individual Learning Plans

Goalbook is an online platform that helps teachers, parents and students collaboratively track progress. Blending qualities of social networking and Individualized Education Program (IEP) tracking software, the program makes it simple for students and teachers to set goals and for all involved parties to watch everything unfold.

Brainscape: Turns Confidence Based Repetition into a Game

Brainscape is a mobile and wed-based education platform that is designed to help students study smart. The program uses adaptive algorithms to create flashcards, whose presentation pattern can change in response to what students know and what they seem to be struggling with, focusing attention on the more difficult topics.

ClassDojo: Turns Class into a Game of Rewards and Instant Feedback

ClassDojo is a classroom management tool to help teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. It improves specific student behaviors and helps engagement by issuing awards and recording real-time feedback.

Socrative 101: In-Class mobile interaction between Teacher and Student

Socrative 101 makes it easier to engage students through a response system that offers educational exercises and games over a laptop or mobile device.

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